Hedland Operator Training provides the following:

  • C’Class driver training
  • LR driver training
  • MR driver training
  • MC driver training
  • HR driver training
  • HC driver training
  • Operate & Maintain a 4WD Course RIIVEH305D
  • Recreational 4WD Courses
  • Load Restraint Courses

Driver training is conducted on a one-to-one basis, as this is easier for the student.

We have 3 ‘C’ Class vehicles available for training 2 x Manual & 1 x Automatic.

HR driver training is usually conducted in our vehicle, but if the student or the company they work for have their own vehicle, then teaching them in that vehicle can be arranged.

The Freightliner Prime Mover is fitted with a 13 speed Road Ranger gearbox which requires double clutching. This will give the student an unrestricted HR class license on passing their license test.  LR or MR training is carried out using the clients own vehicle.

Training times can vary, depending on the students experience and ability.  We have found that on average it will take 10 hours (including test time).  For HR.  LR and MR licences the time is considerably less. This is also dependent on the students abilities.